Steve Furlong’s team is the team you want to be on. Helpful, clear, concise, and 100% on your side. Mr. Furlong is not out for himself— he is there to help you hear out all your financing options and find your best mortgage lender in a judgement-free, open, and honest environment.

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Matt H:

I went through Lending Tree and was contacted by at least 15 lenders. All but one wanted to sell me a loan. Steve wanted to help me buy a house, which was evident from the beginning, and consistent throughout the process. He is professional, honest and patient, with a very calm and reassuring demeanor. I highly recommend him.

Christy M:

Steve was great to work with for both properties: primary residence as well as our rental property. He was very knowledgeable on various programs as well as latest options available for us to consider. He kept us up to date throughout the process and followed through until completion. Steve and his staff are very professional, helpful and caring mortgage lender. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a home or investment property mortgage. Thank you again for all your hard work and efforts to help us complete both mortgage loans!


Steve was extremely helpful and professional. It was a great pleasure working him as well as all of his staff and associates. He was always willing to take the time to explain various items as well as run hypothetical scenarios to help us. Would highly recommend anyone considering a new mortgage or refinance to work with Steve if you want to make sure it is done right.


Steve is a consummate professional that really does care about his customers. He worked hard to find the best price point for us and was always available for our many questions.

Amy M:

I couldn’t express enough how wonderful of an experience my husband and I had with Steve Furlong of Mortgages Unlimited. He was our last cry for help after we had a very bad situation with a previous lender who had submitted our VA home loan paperwork to underwriting incorrectly. Steve went far above and beyond to ensure my family and I were able to purchase our home this past September. Without his persistence, attention to detail, & genuine care for veterans, we would have been struggling to find a place to live.

Two weeks before we were set to close with our final approval in hand from a different lender, we were informed that our VA loan had not been submitted correctly to underwriting and it had been denied. At that time we had already given our 60 day notice to our landlord as well. We were forced to either cancel the purchase of our home and find a new rental or to hopefully find a mortgage lender who could get this done for us in two weeks! We chose the latter, and luckily I found the perfect lender. He spent a tremendous amount of time listening to our situation and getting to know us. He continually expressed how much he and his company stand behind our nation’s veterans. Steve put our loan above everything and spent countless hours and late nights ensuring we would get into our home. His hard work did just that, as the four of us are now enjoying the home we were so worried we had lost.

A HUGE thank you to Steve & Mortgages Unlimited for their support & true appreciation for our nation’s military. Thank you for helping us into our new home and thank you for ensuring we were able to use the VA Loan benefit.

My wife and I contacted The Furlong Team through Zillow, simply to see if we qualified for a loan–Steve went above and beyond–working with us on our credit and our options. For first time home buyers, re-fi, or people purchasing their second, third, or fourth home–Steve’s team is who you want helping you with your financing needs. – DRose2101

I cannot speak highly enough of Barb Gurney on the Furlong Team. I met with Barb early on in my house search, and she was extremely informative and thorough in helping me prepare for this experience. Once I found the home I wanted, we met again and went over specifics. She was immaculate in her organization and communication. She created documents to share with all ‘team members’, including my realtor and the title person. She was supportive during every step of the process, and kept us ahead of schedule throughout. Barb took what could have been an extremely stressful process, and made it manageable and exciting! I would recommend Barb without reservation to anyone looking for excellent customer service and results. – zuser20140612154528610

My husband and I decided on very short notice to move from Colordo to Minnesota. A friend referred us to the Furlong group. We had what I thought would have been a complicated buying situation but the Steve made the process seem easy! We were selling our home in another state and had started new job. We were worried the process would take forever but we were able to finalize our loan and buy our new home in less than a month. We couldn’t have been more impressed with the Furlong group and truely appreciate all the help they provided. – routhsara

I referred a client with impeccable credit to Steve, but unfortunately they chose to go with a local bank after comparing rates and costs of 8 different lenders. I warned them that it’s not always about saving a few bucks, it’s the performance of the lender, the quality of communications, and their commitment to the buyers to close on time- which is EXACTLY what you get with Steve Furlong! As I warned, the bank was not able to fulfill their obligation and a few days before closing moved the closing date out one week. They asked the buyers for things that were completely unreasonable up until an hour before closing! The closing took 3 hours with numerous errors on the HUD and miscommunications to our closer and the buyers. By the time they got everything figured out it was after 4 PM and they had to wire the money the next day, so the buyers couldn’t move in to the home because of it! The moral to this story is: Listen to your Realtor! They have built relationships with lenders that they KNOW will come through for them, and have a solid relationship with the underwriters they work with. The stress level to everyone was just not worth the few extra bucks they saved. You GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
-Realtor, GRI, Edina Realty

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