The Furlong Team at Mortgages Unlimited

Our Values in Finding Your Perfect Mortgage Loan

Our clients are exceptional people to us: they behold the American Dream of homeownership and place the greatest of faith in us to make that dream come true.
Everyone deserves their dream home. We believe that everyone who strives to attain a home of their own, works hard, and has character deserves it. We value each of our clients out of respect for these efforts, knowing how difficult their journey home can be.

Our efforts and labor to display what is true and accurate through the home buying process are rewarded at each closing. That reward is the satisfaction of our client and knowing that together, we made a dream come true.

What the Furlong Team at Mortgages Unlimited Can Do For You

Since our inception in 1991, Mortgages Unlimited, Inc. has earned a reputation as the region’s best mortgage company to fulfill your financing requirements. You’ll find that Mortgages Unlimited has your best interests in mind. As your advocates, our independent Minnesota mortgage loan bankers will:

• Listen to your needs and expectations
• Evaluate which loan fits your present situation.
• Educate you about your options
• Serve as your personal mortgage guide so you can make the most informed decisions

Our goal is not only to provide the correct mortgage loan option for you but to make sure that it is a smooth and convenient experience. It is very important to us that you are satisfied and fully understand the process every step of the way.

As a team, we base our actions upon the highest standards of ethics and values. We hope to build long lasting relationships and will listen to your needs and expectations to find the selection that is the right fit for you.

Please feel free to call us at 952-232-4133 for a quote or stop by to discuss the various options to fulfill your financing requirements.

Our Team